Investment and Asset Management

Our approach is simple and straightforward knowing that &Wealth clients benefit from having a plan they understand.

1 Let’s start with cash.

At &Wealth, we believe the key to success in any long-term investment plan is to have a robust reserve of cash to provide for any short term or unexpected spending needs.

2 Make simple, low-cost, transparent investments.

We believe in this common-sense principle of investing. If we have learned anything over the years, fancy and complex does not necessarily mean better.

3 Invest in what you understand.

Our experience has shown that if an investment sounds too complicated, too good to be true, or too difficult to repeat back to someone else, it’s probably worth avoiding.

4 Going the distance.

At &Wealth, the success of your plan rests in the year in and year out monitoring and updating of the plan. We believe in consistent and proactive communication with our clients to ensure that we understand any changes that would impact the investment process.