When a woman loses the most important thing, she gains uncertainty about everything.

How can I ensure my financial independence now that things have changed? What if something else happens? Maybe I should sell the house now? Start living more simply? Cancel that trip in the Spring? Wouldn’t it be better to cut way back, just in case? How much do I actually have—and where is it all?

Worries of outliving assets are universal for women and often defy the facts. Family members want to reassure you, but they can’t always see the specifics. Tax advisors and lawyers reveal insights about specific facts and figures, yet may leave you wanting big-picture financial guidance.

My clients come to me for an integrated approach.

We begin with some personal questions – questions that appear to have little to do with numbers. What is important to you? What keeps you up? Where do you feel safest? Is now the right time, or would waiting make sense?

Reassurance can be found in the financial planning process.

The answers take time, thought and care, but uncovering them is the very best way to design a financial plan that sustains your whole life. Sometimes this means making a big decision. Sometimes it means deciding not to for a while.

When the time is right to begin, we begin.

In the end, you come away with a customized financial plan designed around the way you want to live, which we then work together to implement over time. Along the way, you’ve uncovered your own financial intuition. Click here for services offering.